Directors Mr Sanjay Maloo & Kishan Maloo

Maloo Marbles (P) Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1990 by the two enterprising brothers Mr. Kishan and Sanjay Maloo.To start with, the company was engaged in job work for other mining companies but their vision and foresight guided them to start mining and processing of Jaisalmer Yellow Marble. Now Maloo Marbles (P) Ltd. is the biggest producer of Jaisalmer Yellow Marble in India with a total block production of 1,10,000 cft. per annum & sawing capacity of 90,000 sq. mtr. per annum.

Maloo Marbles (P) Ltd. is a leading name in Excavating and Processing of Exotic Jaisalmer yellow Marble found in world famous Jaisalmer region situated in the Rajasthan province of India. Till some time ago Maloo Marbles (P) Ltd. produced Blocks, Slabs & Tiles which were then exported to major parts of the world by other export houses. But now the company under the able leadership and guidance of Mr.Sanjay Maloo is actively exporting its products to many parts of the world. Maloo Marble boasts of quality stone varieties & stringent time schedules.

Presence of Maloo Marble in the form of its supplied products can be found in all major places of public interest in India like Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai Railway Station, Hotel Capital Hill (Five Star hotel) situated at Ranchi, Grand Hyatt (7 star Hotel)situated in Santacruz Area of Mumbai etc. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technological expertise, we supply an extensive range of Jaisalmer yellow Marble and other leading varities of Sandstone and Slate to all corners of the world.

Jaisalmer Yellow Marble is suitable for heavy traffic and it is a point worth mentioning that it is the only marble which has good polishing ability.

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